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Cinema – Using Google Chromecast Ultra


    The following information contains instructions for ‘casting’ your own personal media content to the ‘big screen’ of the cinema via the installed Google Chromecast Ultra device. 


    You will need to download the free ‘Google Home’ app from either Google PlayStore  (for any Android devices such as Samsung smartphones, tablets, Huawei etc.) or from Apple’s App Store (for iPhones, iPads). For those who wish to ‘cast’ content from their laptops (whether Mac or PC) you will need to have the Google Chrome browser installed on these devices. The Chromecast Ultra has already been setup on the network and is named ‘Cinema TV’. This is currently the only Chromecast device on the network.


    For smartphones and tablets, select whatever video content you want to watch on your device. If the app that plays the content has ‘casting’ built in (more and more media apps have this facility) you will see the ‘cast’ option displayed on your device screen. It will appear like this,       , an icon of a TV with 3 wireless bands emanating from the lower left. Click on the icon, select ‘Cinema TV’ from the pop-up menu and the content will be displayed on the cinema screen. With this mode you can now perform other tasks with your device while your content is playing.

    If no icon is displayed just start the Google Home app on your device, select the ‘Cinema TV’ as the cast device and select the option

"        Cast my screen". This acts as a mirroring device but you will obviously not be able to use your device for other tasks while in this mode.


    For media content on laptops you need to start the Google Chrome web browser, click the options menu,      , three dots on top of one another in the top right hand corner and select ‘Cast’ in the dropdown menu. Under the ‘Sources’ option select which mode you wish to cast, either ‘Cast tab’ (the web page browser tab), ‘Cast desktop’ (the laptop’s screen view) or ‘Cast file’ (select a media file on the laptop to view).

    Once you have selected the source, click on ‘Cinema TV’ to begin watching your content.


    The equipment will display any ‘cast’ or ‘mirrored’ content at the same resolution and in some cases the DSP (amplifier) can enhance certain content automatically. The equipment supports full HD resolution with Dolby surround sound, DTS and most common movie audio codecs.


    Whilst we have extensively tested the equipment in conjunction with the most popular devices and common media file types, accepts no responsibility should a specific device or file type not display correctly or if the cinema equipment’s original configuration settings have been altered.


    These directions are produced to allow guests to effectively use the cinema facilities. They are not complex and we have streamlined the operating procedures using one simple remote control. Please note that our local management company can only perform simple tests to check correct operation of the equipment. The configuration settings ensure the optimum audio/visual environment for guests’ use. Any deviation from or altering of these settings will require technical support by our installation technicians by raising a support request ticket with subsequent delays and additional costs.

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