Terms and Conditions


    Please read these Terms and Conditions carefully as they will form the definitive, non-negotiable contract between you (the principal renter, as the individual ultimately responsible for the booking, and anyone named on the booking form) and us; hereinafter known as “Supremevillas.com”, “us”, “we” or “ourselves” at the exclusion of all other intermediaries including third party booking platforms such as VRBO (formerly HomeAway) etc. The current revision of these terms will be sent by email with your booking form. We reserve the right to amend these periodically and those with confirmed bookings will be made aware of any major changes/amendments by email and the latest revised edition published on our own official website(s). Your signed booking form affirms your declaration to be bound by the most recent revision of these terms.

Whilst every effort will be made to provide all the facilities and services stated on our official advertising portals we accept no liability if any of these have to be withdrawn or suspended due to maintenance/repair, sale of the property or due to changes beyond our control. We will endeavour to inform you of any changes at the earliest possible opportunity.

The facilities offered, whether inclusive or supplemented, are those advertised on either our own or official third-party websites at the time the booking is made. Whilst we regularly monitor and update the content of official third party advertising portal websites e.g. VRBO etc. we accept no responsibility for any errors and/or omissions due to redaction/alterations made by them for their site functionality or their sites’ inability to correctly display or convey the information contained within our own website (www.supremevillas.com). We advise all prospective renters to verify any and all information with ourselves if in any doubt. Similarly any discounts, offers or promotions are only valid at such time (or within a stated finite timeframe). Any supplements available at the time of booking will be detailed on your confirmation invoice/receipt for non-inclusive facilities. Should currently supplemented facilities later become inclusive as a result of tariff reviews after your booking has been confirmed that are not detailed on your invoice/receipt; these facilities will only be available as a supplement at the original published rate. Any additional supplementary facilities offered at a later date (after your booking has been confirmed) will only be available as a supplement at the current published rate at the time they are offered. We keep legacy copies of our own website for reference but not those of third party advertising portals e.g. VRBO etc. 


1.0.0 Your Rental Contract

   i.  A binding contract is made as soon as we confirm your booking by sending you either a confirmation invoice or receipt by email. Check this very carefully as the contract is made subject to the information detailed within this document, not the original booking form. Should any details not be correct for your requirements please advise us immediately as later amendments may incur supplementary charges and/or administration costs. We shall then render this document (and by definition ‘the contract’) void and issue a new document with the correct details. The contract is dependent on our having received a completed, signed and dated Booking Form and a cleared rental deposit (or cleared full payment for bookings made less than 8 weeks (56 days) prior to arrival) in our UK bank account (not held in third party merchant service accounts or in escrow accounts of booking platforms such as VRBO). For legal reasons we require your normal legible signature in the relevant box on the booking form not a typed name or printed computer font. Once we are in receipt of these and we accept your booking, we shall confirm, reserve and secure the booking by the aforementioned method. Should we not receive the mandatory completed and signed booking form and are thereby unable to issue a confirmation invoice or receipt, even though a deposit or full balance has been received as cleared funds in our account, the contract will be deemed to be verbal and 'in force’ in the regard of the booking subsequently being cancelled by either yourselves or us (due to any breach of contract by yourselves) and normal cancellation charges will apply as set out below to compensate us for our estimated losses. If, for any reason, a new confirmation invoice or receipt has to be issued, the most recent document will form the basis of the contract and all previous versions will be deemed void.

   ii.  It is your responsibility to ensure that you are able to receive electronic mail communication (emails) from us and that we are advised immediately of any changes to the primary email address detailed on your completed and signed booking form. We accept no liability should you not be able to do so. You are advised to adjust anti-virus and/or spam/junk mail filtering settings to accept emails from ourselves.

    iii.  Bookings are not transferable. In the event that you, as the principal renter, are unable to fulfil the confirmed booking we should be informed at the earliest opportunity by email. Where an alternative individual requests to accept responsibility for the booking, subject to our discretion and written emailed consent, a new booking form will be issued for completion and signing by them as the new principal renter. Should no viable alternative principal renter be forthcoming the booking will be deemed cancelled and normal cancellation charges will apply with no further liability on our part. Any paid refundable security deposits will be returned. Once the new principal renter has been accepted, and providing all necessary payments have been made and cleared in our account, a new confirmation invoice/receipt will be issued by us via email and the new booking will then be confirmed and secured. Your contract is made on the terms of these booking conditions and is subject to English Law and the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of England, Wales and Northern Ireland. They do not affect your statutory rights in law. All bookings are subject to availability. DO NOT book flights until you have received your confirmation invoice and are satisfied that all details are correct.


1.0.1 Payment for the Villa Rental

    All rentals booked more than 8 weeks (56 days) prior to arrival will require a deposit of 25% of the total rental price. This deposit is non-refundable. A booking form and a copy of these Terms and Conditions will be issued to you by email. You will be required to complete, sign and return the booking form to us with the deposit. Signed booking forms will be accepted by email. The cleared balance and a separate refundable security deposit must show in our account in full no later than 8 weeks (56 days) prior to your arrival (unless we specify otherwise in exceptional circumstances). Should we not receive both the cleared balance and the security deposit at this time (or otherwise specified time) the booking will be cancelled and cancellation charges will apply (see charges below). Payments can be made by direct bank transfer (BACS) to our company account (no fee) or by credit/debit card (admin. fees apply – see below *). Please allow at least 3 bank working days for bank transfer and card transactions funds clearing. We do not issue receipts for final payment unless specifically requested. Full payment and a separate refundable security deposit are required for bookings made less than 8 weeks before arrival. Swift payment is appreciated and upon notification of cleared funds we will forward a confirmation receipt with rental details. Any and all charges relating to currency conversions and/or bank/card charges are to be borne by the payer.


* Merchant service admin. fees: (N.B these fees are not refundable where a card refund is processed) :

1.4% (net) + 20p for each UK transaction.

2.9% (net) + 20p for all other European, non-European/rest of world transactions. 


2.0.0 If you Change or Cancel your Booking

   i.  If you change any details of your booking (e.g. alter arrival date, name changes, etc.) we will do our best to help. Confirmed booking dates cannot be altered within the 8 week period (56 days) prior to the original arrival date on the current signed booking form except in exceptional circumstances and with our written emailed consent (see *NOTE below). However, if you request to alter your arrival date prior to this period we will, subject to availability, try to accommodate you with alternate dates. Only one change is permitted in such instances. Should these amended dates occur within a lower tariff you will still be subject to the tariff quoted on your original confirmation invoice for the same rental period. Where the dates occur within a higher tariff or extend the original rental period you will be invoiced for the increase. Should you request a different villa to that of your original booking you will be subject to whichever villa's tariff is greater for the amended dates on a like-for-like basis. You will be issued with a new booking form which you will be required to sign and return to us. After our approval you will be issued with a new confirmation invoice detailing the changes and any price amendments if applicable. When a change to a booking increases the number of persons residing resulting in an increased amount of bedrooms required this will affect the cost of the rental and a new confirmation invoice/receipt will be raised showing the new charges for the rental. Any extra deposit required will need to be paid by return (or full balance differences for changes within 56 days of the intended arrival for new bookings) and show as cleared funds in our account before a new confirmation is issued by email. If not the booking will be deemed cancelled, the property re-advertised and the normal original cancellation charges will apply. It is not permitted to reduce the number of bedrooms required or rental period once a booking is confirmed.

   ii.  *NOTE In exceptional circumstances we may allow one postponement of a confirmed booking, either at your request or offered by ourselves, within the 8 week period (56 days) prior to the original intended arrival date. This is solely at our discretion and will be confirmed with our written emailed consent and issuing of amended paperwork detailing the changes. We shall require your signed acceptance of the changes. In such instances any admin. charges will be waived. Security deposits held by us will be retained if the new arrival date is within 56 days of our issuing a new confirmation invoice/receipt. If not, the security deposit will be returned and will require repayment 8 weeks prior to the postponed arrival date. The postponed arrival date is only permissible up to a maximum of 372 days (1 calendar year + 1 week to allow for defined season and/or leap year variations) of the original arrival date. Should you subsequently cancel this postponed booking at any time thereafter the cancellation charges of the original confirmed booking will apply and you will need to file a claim with your insurers to recompense you for any losses.

   iii.  Requests for name changes or additional guests (up to the maximum villa occupancy permitted for the number of bedrooms specified on the confirmation invoice) not on the original booking form must be made by email by the principal renter (the person who originally made the booking) or by the new principal renter, who must sign and agree to be bound by these terms and conditions. If the principal renter has signed the booking form in her maiden name and has subsequently married prior to commencing the rental we only require email notification, not a new signed booking form.    

   iv.  IF YOU CANCEL (or any member of your group cancels) the booking, or part of it, or are unable or unwilling to fulfil your rental due to any circumstance beyond our control, once it has been confirmed, cancellation will only be valid upon a signed declaration by the signatory of the current booking form (or their legal Power of Attorney). This form will be sent to you by email. We will accept emailed notification of your instruction to cancel in the interim providing it is confirmed by the signed declaration. Should we not receive the signed declaration within 3 calendar days of the issue date; your cancellation will be deemed ‘in force’ with no further liability on our part and any relevant cancellation charges will apply. Credit/debit card chargebacks are not permitted in the event of a booking being cancelled by you, as to do so is in breach of contract with respect to our cancellation policy.  Should you instruct us to cancel a booking, in such instances a claim should be filed with your insurers to recover any paid deposit and/or balance payments. Any chargeback subsequently actioned in such circumstances will be disputed in the first instance and we shall pursue all means at our disposal to recover our losses should any additional further action become necessary with the accompanying additional costs to do so. If your booking is cancelled by us as a result of breach of contract by yourself you will be informed by email at the earliest opportunity. All cancellations incur a charge payable by you to compensate us for our estimated losses and expenses. These charges are set out below:




2.0.1 Villa Occupancy

   i.  The principal renter i.e. the person making the booking and whose signature appears on the booking form must be one of those residing for the full period of the rental and must be aged 25 or over at the commencement of the proposed rental. We do not accept bookings by proxy from third parties on behalf of those intending to reside or signed by corporate entities; the principal renter must be an individual and supply a valid home address and phone contact (landline and/or mobile). Should you move home address between your booking being confirmed and your arrival date we must be informed of the new address and phone number at the earliest opportunity, by email.

   ii.  Only those persons named on the booking form may reside at or occupy the villa and we must have all titles, forenames, surnames and ages at date of arrival of those intending to reside on the signed booking form(s). This number must not exceed the maximum capacity detailed on your booking form*. Where, at the time of booking, expectant mothers are intending for their, as yet, un-named infants to reside these should be detailed as ‘AN Other (infant)’ on the booking form. For early bookings we should be informed at the earliest opportunity should there be any changes due to pregnancies affecting the numbers intending to reside so that we can issue alternative paperwork where necessary.

   iii.  * We may, at our discretion and by prior agreement, accept up to 2 additional infants sleeping in cots above the maximum stated capacity. Infants are defined as being under 2 years of age at the commencement of the proposed rental. We reserve the right to supplement for any extra persons should their inclusion in your rental exceed the maximum capacity and only by prior agreement. 

   iv.  If, for example, during any period of the rental you intend that certain guests depart and others arrive to take their place (only up to the maximum capacity of the rental tariff) we must be informed of all guests who intend to reside at the villa and their early departure/later arrival, regardless of the length of stay. If we accept such a booking we reserve the right to levy a surcharge in regard of any resulting additional maid service and laundry. We shall accept the additional names and relevant departure/arrival notifications on a copy of our original booking form as long as it is signed by the principal renter. This should be sent with your original booking form. For any name changes or additional residing guests after your booking has been confirmed by us (on receipt of your confirmation invoice/receipt) please inform us via email at the earliest opportunity and we shall amend the paperwork accordingly to reflect these changes.

   v.  Residency, occupancy or occupation is defined as any person(s), other than those named on the booking form, attending the premises at any time during the rental period. This is a private villa rental solely for those persons named on the current booking form/confirmation invoice. You, or any person in your party, do not have the authority to invite any other person(s) onto the premises for either social, recreational or commercial purposes. If, for any reason whatsoever, additional persons are accommodated during the rental period without our prior knowledge and written agreement via email we reserve the right to terminate your rental immediately without any further liability. If it later comes to light that persons other than those named on the booking form have resided at the villa we shall seek legal compensation for the additional costs incurred. We, or our agents, reserve the right to verify or confirm the identity and/or ages of any person(s) on the villa premises.


3.0.0 Event Hosting

    The hosting of any event at the villa such as receptions, club functions, parties etc is strictly forbidden without prior consultation and written permission from ourselves via email. An ‘event’ is defined as any activity which involves persons other than those named on the Booking Form being invited to attend the premises for social, recreational or business purposes including receptions, outsourced catering etc (other than airport transfers or car-hire deliveries and/or collections). We reserve the right to levy a surcharge for any such activity. Should it later come to light that any infringement of this condition has occurred we shall seek recompense for our losses.


3.0.1 Currency Conversion/Exchange Rates

    Any and all transactions involving Euro/GBP currency conversion for any costs incurred in Portugal will be calculated at the relevant buy/sell rate as determined and published by Barclays Bank PLC (UK) on the day that the transaction is effected (or the last previous bank working day in the event the transaction occurs on a subsequent bank holiday or weekend). The variable bid/offer spreads in effect at the time will apply. Spot market rates from alternate liquidity providers are not valid.


3.0.2 Insurance/Financial Protection

                Adequate comprehensive personal insurance is essential for your own protection. It is your responsibility to ensure that your insurance cover is adequate for your particular needs and those of your party. As the principal renter you should satisfy yourself that any insurance cover is mutually inclusive regarding both the travel and rental aspects of your booking. UK Government Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) guidance at https://www.gov.uk/guidance/foreign-travel-insurance. Remember, we are not a holiday company or air travel provider. We advise that you arrange cover as soon as your booking is confirmed by us in the event that circumstances subsequently change. We accept no liability should you not be able to fulfil your booking in whole or part (including use and access of any of the villa’s advertised facilities) due to any factors outside our control, encompassing any event that we could not foresee or avoid, even after taking all reasonable care and exercising due diligence, including any inability to travel to the villa. These include Acts of God and/or causes of Force Majeure including, but by no means limited to, fire, flood, earthquake, volcanic activity or other geological upheaval, severe/abnormal climatic and weather pattern anomalies affecting the local, regional or global environment, war and civil disorder, terrorist attacks, theft, sabotage, industrial and/or strike action, constitutional, governmental, judicial or political changes or interventions, local, regional or global health authority travel/quarantine restrictions imposed in conjunction with government mandates resulting from any medical epidemic or pandemic events or any event which makes it impossible or illegal to perform the contract. Under any of these circumstances normal cancellation charges will apply. Supremevillas.com accepts no responsibility for loss, theft, personal injury, illness or death in or outside the villa, as a result of any activity forming part of your villa rental.


3.0.3 Your Responsibilities

             i.  Whilst at the villa you must behave with propriety, and not cause damage, distress, danger or annoyance to others or their property. If you do not comply with these stated responsibilities, we reserve the right to terminate your rental immediately without any further liability. You must not damage the property, its fixtures and fittings and/or contents during your rental but, if you do, you will be liable for the cost of repairs or replacements including transport and labour costs. You must vacate the property as you found it less the normal cleaning element. We respectfully request that all guests remember that ultimately this is someone else’s home and should be treated as such.

   ii.  The alarm is monitored by our local managers via GSM. For your own security whenever you leave the villa close all the doors and windows and arm the alarm. In the unlikely event of an intrusion they will attend the premises. Should the alarm not be armed and there is no sign of forced entry you will be fully liable to recompense us for any losses and/or damage including any labour and shipping costs incurred in the replacement/repair of the same.

   iii.  We are unable to accept bookings from groups where the majority of intended guests are under 25 years of age at the commencement of the proposed rental.

Single gender parties will only be permissible by prior agreement with ourselves. We also reserve the right to request verifiable references and proof of age. We do not accept stag parties.


3.0.4 Breakages/Damages/Infringements/Security deposits

    We reserve the right to retain a separate refundable security deposit. This is calculated as £100 x the maximum capacity of guests permitted for the number of bedrooms booked with a £1000 minimum e.g. 6 bedrooms (16 guests maximum) requires a refundable deposit of £1600. (We may request a larger/additional deposit where we agree to accept specific types of rentals such as single genderevents etc). This is payable as an additional separate remittance with your final balance. This will be cleared and held in a holding current account and returned to you 2 weeks after you depart subject to any deductions arising from your rental. Where changes to a rental result in an increase in the amount of bedrooms required the additional security deposit will need to be paid separately along with any additional tariffs. Security deposits will only be returned via the same method by which they were initially paid. In the case of card payments funds will be returned to the original cardholder only. The refund will show as a credit on the original bank/card account approximately 5-10 business days later, depending upon the bank. Any and all charges relating to currency conversions and/or bank/card charges are to be borne by the recipient. Any damages or breakages must be reported immediately to either the maids or our local managers so that repairs or replacement can be expedited. This ensures that all parties are able to enjoy the facilities.


4.0.0 Refunds/Credit returns

    Any refunds/credit returns will only be made by via the same method by which they were initially paid. In the case of card payments funds will be returned to the original cardholder only. Returns to accounts other than those in GB pounds sterling (£) held in the UK will be made via our XE foreign exchange facility. Any and all charges relating to currency conversions and/or bank/card charges are to be borne by the recipient.


4.0.1 Smoking

    This is a non-smoking villa. Patrons are kindly requested to only smoke outside the villa. Thank you.


4.0.2 Internet TV

Due to periodic server changes/adjustments we cannot guarantee that all channels are available all the time.

4.0.3 Keys

    You will be given 2 sets of keys relevant to the villa you are renting on arrival. These keys are exclusively for the use of only

those resident guests whose names appear on the Booking Form. Under NO circumstances are they to be relinquished to any third party.

4.0.4 Check In/Out

    We respectfully request that guests arrive no earlier than 2.30 pm (14:30 hrs) local time and check out by 10.30 am on the day of departure to allow for thorough cleaning. This is a large villa and consequently requires a minimum 4 hour changeover period to keep it pristine for incoming guests. You will not be admitted to the premises earlier under any circumstances. Similarly you must vacate the premises by 10:30 am on the departure day.

4.0.5 Maid Service

   Maids will attend the villa 2 times per week during a 7 night rental for light cleaning and bathroom refuse removal. Room towels are changed mid-week and bed linens are changed every 7 nights with room and pool towels. Frequency and schedule days will vary with rentals of different duration and changeover days.    

4.0.6 Maintenance/Pool Cleaning

    Periodic swimming pool cleaning may occur during your stay and takes approx. 1 hour. Gardeners will also usually attend the villa once a week for approx. 1.5 hrs. Should any maintenance and/or repair work have to be carried out to the villa or its equipment due to unforeseen circumstances we will endeavour to expedite repairs as quickly as possible to cause you minimum inconvenience.

4.0.7 Games Room

    Darts is a dangerous sport. We request that children under 16 only play darts when accompanied by an adult. Guests are requested not to place drinks on the pool table due to risk of spillage. Should any games room equipment be damaged or lost during your stay you will be liable for the cost of repair/replacement. Please ensure that all games room equipment (pool cues, table tennis bats, etc) remains in the games room where it is available for everyone. Due to copyright laws we are unable to supply CDs, DVDs, Playstation/Wii/X-Box games or any other copyrighted media.

4.0.8 Supplements

    Any supplemented items such as a/c or heating must be paid for with your final balance (in GB Pounds sterling) or may be paid in cash on arrival at the villa (in Euros at our local bankers GBP/EUR exchange rate at the time where applicable). Under no circumstances will payment be deducted from security deposits. Requests and payments for use of the spa/hot tub or pool heating (where available) must be made at the latest 48 hours before arrival to allow us to pre-heat and prepare them for use. We do not issue refunds for any unused usage allowance.

4.0.9 Spa/Sauna

    Current research advises against the use of saunas and hot tubs for pregnant women particularly during the first trimester. To clarify the medical position we advise all guests intending to use these facilities to consult with their doctor or registered medical practitioner/professional for the most recent advice and directions.

4.1.0 Gym

    Use of the gym is strictly for 16’s and over and is entirely at your own risk. For safety we suggest you do not exercise unaccompanied. Correct attire, including proper footwear, should be worn and we ask that you wipe down the equipment after use and replace the free weights in the racks. We request all gym equipment remains in the gym. It is not for outdoor use.

4.1.1 Air Conditioning/Heating

    To comply with EU and local legislation pertaining to carbon emissions; air-conditioning/heating, whether inclusive or supplemented, is subject to a ‘fair usage policy’. To effect these measures a/c units revert to standby after pre-set periods of room un-occupancy.

4.1.2 Pets

    No pets are permitted on the premises at any time.

4.1.3 Wi-Fi

    This service is offered free of charge. It is intended for light browsing, sending and receiving emails etc. with speeds of up to 200Mbps at Villa La Quiete (Vilamoura) and 100Mbps at Casa do Vale (Almancil). The inclusive IPTV service uses approx. 4 Mbps bandwidth, the rest is shared between all other devices subsequently connected to the network. It is therefore not suitable for power users, large downloads and media streaming (other than from our own local service provider). We accept no responsibility for any reduction in service with regard to local speed restrictions and/or suspension of service once download capacity is deemed excessive by the service provider.

4.1.4 Room Configurations

    Bedrooms can be configured prior to your arrival as detailed on either our own website or our listings on HomeAway. Please note that no bedrooms can accommodate 4 beds under any circumstances (an infant’s cot excepted).

5.0.0 Special Needs/Disabilities

    Should any prospective guest(s) have special needs and/or disabilities we advise that you inform us prior to securing the booking to ascertain whether the accommodation is suitable for the particular individual(s).

5.0.1 Complimentary Welcome Pack

    For rentals of 7 nights or longer on arrival at the villa you will find a welcome pack of basic provisions to see you through until your first visit to the local shop.

5.0.2 Inspections

    Whilst respecting your privacy we or our agents reserve the right to make periodic inspections of the villa.

5.0.3 Language Translations

    These terms are produced in UK English. We do not provide translations for other languages. Any prospective principal renter whose first language is not English should satisfy themselves that they fully understand the content contained herein. Should there be any doubt as to the implication of any of these terms you should contact us in the first instance for clarification. We accept no responsibility at a later date for any misconception as a result of translational errors or anomalies.

    Supremevillas.com complies with all requirements directed by GDPR - General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (EU GDPR). No personal data is disclosed to any third party other than to those who are legally entitled to request such information.

Revised 1st June 2021

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